All of them

Dennis Felsing


Active Nim contributor and Master's candidate at KIT

Dennis is an active contributor to the Nim language while working on his Master's thesis at KIT. There he worked on research developing a new method for Regression Verification and teaching programming paradigms (Haskell, lambda calculus, type inference, Prolog, Scala, etc.). He also develops and runs DDNet, a unique cooperative 2D game.


Chris Allen


Coder, Teacher, Author

Chris is a long time FP and Lisp user who discovered a love of learning and types when he found Haskell. Aside from releasing multiple Haskell project, such as Bloodhound and Blacktip he took to teaching Haskell to spread the love and creating the Learn Haskell guide which he is turning into a book.


Peter Bourgon


Go evangelist and SoundCloud engineer

Peter is a software engineer focusing on large-scale distributed systems. He's been writing Go since its public release in 2009, and is a huge fan of its simplicity and pragmatism. Peter lives in Berlin and works at SoundCloud, building the data systems and infrastructure that power the world's leading audio platform.


José Valim


Creator of Elixir

José Valim is creator of Elixir and member of the Rails Core Team. He is also co-founder of Plataformatec, a consultancy based in Brazil, and an active conference speaker.


Steve Klabnik


Rails Core Committer & Author of Rails 4 in Action

Steve is a long time Rails core comitter and author of Designing with Hypermedia API's, Rust for Rubyists, and Rails 4 in Action. Currently Steve is providing his documentation expertise to Mozilla to improve and expand the Rust documentation.


Fred Hebert


Author of Learn You Some Erlang For Great Good

Fred is the author of Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!, a free online (also paid for, on paper) book designed to teach Erlang. He’s worked on writing and teaching training course material for Erlang Solutions Ltd, and on Real Time Bidding software for AdGear. He has since then moved to Heroku’s routing team, writing and maintaining large scale distributed systems in the cloud.